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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Avocado sedap ke?

Petua dari cik wani cara pilih avocado adalah:

 yg dah masak kaler coklat, hijau lum masak.. if beli yg hijau salunya kena tunggu 2-3hari gak baru nak masak.. ermm, yg sedap salunya warna coklat & lembut bila kita picit, if warna coklat tp keras dia pahit sket..

Buat jus alpukat sedap nih http://wani3009.blogspot.com/2011/03/1-for-hadif-2-for-mama-baba.html

Sumber: http://www.bigoven.com/glossary/Avocado

Avocados are the perfect companions to fresh summer fruit salads. Always serve immediately after slicing.

The creamy flesh of an avocado is not sweet or juicy. It is most often used as a fresh accompaniment. Moderate cooking on low heat will not affect the taste, but high temperatures tend to make the buttery insides bitter.

Avocados are high in calories and monounsaturated (“good”) fat but are also an excellent source of Vitamin E and potassium.

A Little Bite of History

Avocados originated in South America and were further developed in Mexico. Researchers have found evidence of them as early as 900 AD in Peru.

In the early 1800s, they made an appearance in the U.S. They were often referred to as “alligator pears,” due to the exterior shape and texture (although some varieties have a smooth skin).

The avocado will not ripen until it is picked. Most growers leave the fruit on the tree until ready to ship.

Mexican producers also package “avocado powder,” which is the ground leaves of some varieties.

Buying Tips

Most avocados are still hard and unripe in produce sections. Once ripe, they tend to bruise easily.

If you’re planning to make a dip, purchase several days ahead so the fruit will have plenty of time to soften.

Storage Tips

Place them in a paper bag or on the counter to ripen. When the skin gives with a little pressure, they’re ready to eat.

Refrigerate for a day or two at most. They cannot be frozen without the addition of lemon juice. Mash as you would for a dip and freeze for up to five months.

Only refrigerate after the fruit is ripe. If it is still hard, it will only turn black.

Usage Tips

• As soon as an avocado is cut, it will begin to darken. Spritz with lemon juice or white vinegar and cover tightly with plastic wrap to help retain color.

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