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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Komen Breast Pump

Sumber http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index.php?s=5866d49bf9d8f739d1b53a624458b7a9&showtopic=13856&st=30

Spectra 3 BP : Plus points: Easy to assemble. Can be used with Avent wide neck bottles .Just use the Spectra Wide neck converter. Price is cheaper than Ameda. Bad point :Motor pump is bigger & heavier than Ameda. Minimal noice compared to Medela that does sound like mesin potong rumput.( True! ) . Since Spectra is an open system BP, milk can be flowed back to the motor pump. This is because there is no barrier inside the tube to block milk. Not only that, the tube that connects the motor pump to the breastshields MUST be dry all the time. The tube is really small.Not that easy and fast to air dry any water particles that is stucked inside the tube. Thus, for working moms who express at office, this is a hassle. The manufacturer has come up with a small clip to prevent this. But according to Sue, it's effectiveness is still unknown as they just have it recently instore for one month so far. Another thing, Spectra can't be used with batteries. So , need plug points at office all the time. But if expressing in car, can use the in-car-power-converter.

Spectra price is cheaper than Ameda. But when u add up all the service charges that u will pay in the future should milk/water get into the motor pump, then it's like u are paying for Ameda BP . The 1st 6 months from date of purchase : FOC service. But after that, it's about RM50-RM100 per service. Once milk/water gets into the motor pump, the noice will be a bit louder than before.

Ameda : Plus points: It's closed system BP. No milk can flow inside the motorpump during expressing or if u accidently drop the bottle during pumping. Less items to be clean after each milk express session. Motor pump is lighter than Spectra . U can use any bag to store all the BP items. Not like Spectra which is best to use the Mom's Precious Back pack. U can't unplugged the wire from the motor pump. Thus, u need a special bag that have speciall hole behind( near the handles of back pack) to connect it to the plug power point. For working mom, time is precious. How easy & fast when we don't need to take out the motor pump from the back pack. Motor pump's noise is so minimal. Can use the Spectra wide neck converter if moms want to pump into Avent via cups/bottles. Can use batteries if there is no power supply.

With Ameda pump, not only I am able to stock up two freezers full of EBM, I also manage to supply 2 X 5oz bottles to my 5 years old child.

Ameda& Spectra bad points: Can't express milk directly into milk storage bags.

Good bargains currently ongoing at these websites : www.thelilcaliph Best & cheap package for Spectra 3 . U can get it for RM400 to RM550. They're having pre anniversary sale only for April 2009. Not much stock left.

www.enjoybreastfeed.com Spectra 3 RM312.80( i checked it last week). This website offers the lowest prices for all breast pumps & accessories. Ameda is only RM709.20( have special redeem) . This is the only website that sell the lowest price for Ameda lactaline BP.

Just a note : I'm a pro breastfeeding mommy. Managed to feed my eldest who will be 4 years old this year on breastmilk for 2 years. My 1st breast pump is the Avent manual single pump. I'm due for my 2nd child delivery this August 2009. That's explain on my quest for my 2nd breast pump. Will be getting for electric double pump as I'm a working mommy. I don't need to use PISA breast pump as I don't have to go outstation oftenly. I tried the Ameda when I went to momslittleones' shop.

Another note : best to get a certified lactations advice on which BP is good and freindly on our precious breasts. BTW, Puan Rita the owner of Momslittleone is one a certified lactations

hope this will answer some of your doubts..

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